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Your employees, customers and other stakeholders have opinions and perceptions about your organization. Can you afford not to listen?

A critical success factor for today's organizations is the ability to capture important feedback from key stakeholder groups — and act on it.

  We'll help you capture this feedback so you can use
the information effectively.
By applying focused research techniques — including interviewing, focus and sensing groups, online research, surveys and information mapping — our professionals acquire useful information to meet your specific requirements.
The result is clear, comprehensive intelligence and recommendations that your organization can implement easily and effectively. To capture the information you need, we offer the following services.
  Communication audits, including
Communication review to assess information flow and communication vehicles.
Image evaluation to measure the gaps between organizational identity and audience perception.
Quality communication evaluation to compare organizational communication with accepted quality communication standards.
General communication audit to review all communication processes and vehicles and assess an organization's internal communications climate.
  Organizational effectiveness research to solve a workplace problem, identify new opportunities or assess the viability of potential plans or strategies.
  Media audits to analyze how the information communicated about your organization through the media is being interpreted.
  Surveys and focus groups to secure feedback that will help you understand what your employees and customers think of and expect from you.
  Research and feedback capture from Beslin Communication Group. This could be the critical success factor your organization needs.
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